Device add/removal

The following subcommands exist for adding and removing devices from a mounted filesystem:

  • bcachefs device add: Formats and adds a new device to an existing filesystem.

  • bcachefs device remove: Permenantly removes a device from an existing filesystem.

  • bcachefs device online: Connects a device to a running filesystem that was mounted without it (i.e. in degraded mode)

  • bcachefs device offline: Disconnects a device from a mounted filesystem without removing it.

  • bcachefs device evacuate: Migrates data off of a particular device to prepare for removal, setting it read-only if necessary.

  • bcachefs device set-state: Changes the state of a member device: one of rw (readwrite), ro (readonly), failed, or spare.

    A failed device is considered to have 0 durability, and replicas on that device won’t be counted towards the number of replicas an extent should have by rereplicate - however, bcachefs will still attempt to read from devices marked as failed.

The bcachefs device remove, bcachefs device offline and bcachefs device set-state commands take force options for when they would leave the filesystem degraded or with data missing. Todo: regularize and improve those options.